We are well aware at Ambrosia that the essential element in the wheel of our success is our personnel that gives life to the company. Here we work on the principle that every single person counts with their contribution. Therefore we require dedication and commitment from our staff at all levels. Constant training and introduction of new methods and techniques enable us to keep our personnel motivated and focused on their tasks, achieving high levels of efficiency and performance. Operations are undertaken in the following departments:
1. Research and Development

2. Production:
  • Oil refining, manufacturing of margarine and related products.

  • Blow moulding and injection moulding of plastics.

  • Sauces and condiments manufacturing

  • Bottling and packing of final products

  • 3. Inspection and Quality Control

    4. Logistics, Shipping, Distribution

    5. Management of production, sales, marketing and finance.

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