AMBROSIA products are high quality products, tested on the premises in our own suitably equipped laboratory, thus assuring a strict quality controlled product right up to the last day of expiry.

Corn Oil
Corn oil is extracted from the corn kernels and is a mixture of triglycerides that undergo several refining processes. Our corn oil is fully refined, deodorised and winterised. It gives excellent taste to food, and resists polymerisation when continuously fried. It is highly recommended for home and restaurant cooking.

Sunflower Oil
Sunflower is widely cultivated in many countries for its oily seeds. Our sunflower oil is fully refined, deodorised and winterised. It is used in cooking, as a salad oil and in the production of margarine and emulsified sauces. The oil is low in cholesterol, and contains a lower level of saturated fats than other leading oils. Being high in polyunsaturates and rich in vitamin E, sunflower oil is an ideal choice for healthy living.

Soyabean Oil
Soyabeans are mostly cultivated in the USA and South America. The soyabeans are crushed to give about 20% soyabean oil and 80% soyameal. The soyabean oil, after refining and deodorisation, is widely used for cooking and salads, and the manufacture of mayonnaise and margarines. It is the most widely used oil, both in the catering industry as well as in households.

Canola Oil (Rapeseed Oil)
Canola seeds are mostly cultivated in Canada and Europe. The canola oil taken from the seeds is refined and deodorised. It is mostly used in the catering sector as it has excellent frying properties.

Margarine / Spreads
These are butter substitutes, made from edible vegetable oils, mostly sunflower and hardened oils. They are high in essential polyunsaturates, low in saturates, low in cholesterol and highly recommended for health conscious consumers. Our margarines spread easily, straight from the fridge.

Now available in the Ambrosia range of products is Ambrosia Gold Dairy Butter packed in mini packs for the catering industry.

Industrial Margarines (NDT)
Margarine is a high quality product manufactured to a variety of specifications. Due to Ambrosia's high technological standards and modern machinery, margarine can be made to any desired consistency, with improved spreadability and taste, high in essential fatty acids and good aeration and baking performance. Margarine is produced as a water in oil emulsion to ensure a long microbiological shelf life. Products offered: pastry margarines, cake margarines, shortenings, bread fat, croissant margarines, deep frying shortenings.

Emulsified sauces
As an extension to our edible oils and margarine products we have established a modern emulsified sauces plant, producing mayonnaise (standard and light), tomato paste, tomato ketchup, mustard, tahini (concentrate and ready to serve), houmous and taramosalata (fish-roe salad). These are all produced from high quality ingredients, using traditional recipes so as to achieve an excellent taste.

Olive oil
This is premium olive oil, with low acidity and free from chemicals, a Mediterranean product known for its health benefits. Olives are carefully selected and processed in such a way as to keep their nutritional value. The oil is produced in three different grades: pomace, pure and extra virgin olive oil.

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